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Picking up after your pet is the law in many counties in almost every state and many parts of the globe.  These laws are often referred to as “pooper scooper laws.”    Not only is it polite to pick up after your pet; it stops the spread of common diseases such as the parvovirus , e-coli,  worms and other microbes that are found in fecal matter that may be passed to other animals and small children.  There are studies that state an accumulation of pet waste matter can even affect our water as it can seep into sewage drains. 

The ClipCleany™ is a unique product that can help.  It is a small egg shaped container that fits directly on the leash that keeps doggy do-do bags—the ones you want to use- from plastic grocery sacks to any number of doggy waste bags on the market today.   The ClipCleany™ also has a wet chamber to carry wipes and a dry chamber for money or dog treats.  All of these features fit snugly on the leash (not dangling down) and can be adjusted to be worn up high on the leash like an ergonomic handle or low and let the dog carry it.  Either way you are showing the world that you pick up after your pet.


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For more information about the laws in your area please search the web or look at some of these links:

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