We are a tiny company located near Grand Rapids, Michigan.  My inspiration for ClipCleany™ started when my little puppy pooped at the kids bus stop and I had to tell all the moms “I am coming back….I am going to pick that up.” Later, while walking my dog on a dog path, I found that I really needed something with me at all times.  Luckily, before going on that faithful dog path, my puppy must have eaten a green crayon, let’s just say it was easy to find which dog do-do was ours!  I was tired of having my pockets stuffed with bags. Most of the time, I wanted to go for a quick walk or run, sometimes I would “gamble” and would inevitably lose.  Then I started noting everyone walking a dog….did they have a bag with them….most of the dog owners were pretty aware of the laws…but if someone didn’t appear to have a bag…you can’t frisk people. 

The ClipCleany™ was born from this very odd obsession.  Many prototypes were made. Engineers and lawyers were consulted. CAD drawings came from the illustrations from my patent application.  Even a web designer and a graphics guy at the print shop contributed to this process.  All so that we can responsibly and conveniently love our dogs!