The Polite Pet Revolution

Pet market
According to the 2007-2008 National Pet Owners Survey, 63% of U.S. households own a pet, which equates to 71.1 millions homes

  • Over 74 million dogs are pets in the US
  • Americans alone will spend over $38 billion on their pets
  • Most if not all states have laws pertaining to picking up after your pet

ClipCleany™ Features

  • One size can be used on small, medium, and large leashes
  • Can use a variety of plastic bags, including a grocery sack (great way to recycle those grocery bags) sandwich bags, or any type of bag the owner prefers
  • Light weight and water proof
  • Ergonomically comfortable as a handle
  • Can be placed anywhere on the leash - up near the handle or slide it down for the dog to wear
  • Balanced nicely on the leash so it doesn't dangle annoyingly
  • Wet and dry chambers can carry money, dog treats or extra bag. Wet chamber can carry wet wipes for your hands or pet clean-up
  • Having a ClipCleany™ on your leash shows the world "I pick up after my pet!" That's not my dog doo-doo!

Retail Benefits

  • Unique- other dog baggie holder products not sold connected to leash
  • Eye-catching design will make your leashes stand out against the rows of other leashes
  • ClipCleany™ web page huge marketing tool potential. Contests like ClipCleany™ dog of the Year


  • Patent Pending
  • Foreign Rights available
  • domain name secured