Camp Comfort Dogs

July 28th, 2013

Picking up my little girl from overnight camp I noticed that people were brining their dogs. Now, to be honest I noticed people brought their pets when they dropped off their daughters as well. I was a camp counselor at a tennis camp out in the Boston area and a riding instructor at a YMCA camp. I never saw people bring animals to camp, a new(er) trend that just is seems to be following the over-all pets everywhere trend. Why? Do we bring our dogs for convenience, comfort, sport? I would like to think that we bring our dogs for comfort, although I didn’t bring Cocoa. As I waited to check my girl out of camp, out of the corner of my eye I saw a body oddly laying on the ground with the small group of girls and an older adult standing off to the side. It was the counselor on the ground and it appeared that she had fallen down the short flight of cabin stairs. I didn’t hear screaming or crying, was she kidding? Was this an end of session prank? I went over to see; the counselor was crying, this was no prank. I bent down to talk to her, “are you ok?” “Don’t move her!” the adult standing off to the side said. I put my hand on her back to comfort her. “I fell, my arm is turned the wrong way… it hurts” she said, as I detected a soft Irish accent. She lifted her her head slightly off the loose gravel, I wiped the pebbles and dirt from her face. The camp nurse was on her way. I did nothing heroic. I just wanted to be as comforting as a mom or as any dog would have been. When I have been upset my pets have always comforted me. They didn’t solve the problem, didn’t judge, and didn’t blame; they comforted……

Dog Trending……Water

July 18th, 2013




Visiting up North, aka M22 or aka Northern Michigan for the 4th of July and the National Cherry Festival, I was alerted of a new (to me) phenomena, businesses putting our bowls of water for dogs. Even in Leeland in Fishtown businesses put out bowls, see pic :) In this 90+ heat I would like to say thank you business, good move! Here in Cascade (Grand Rapids, MI) the Jammin Bean has water out for dogs…Where else are businesses doing this good deed?

Indiegogo Campaign

March 27th, 2013

New Logo, New Vimeo

March 27th, 2013

ClipCleany from clipcleany on Vimeo.

Time for Summer Trim

June 28th, 2012







96. That’s what the temp is today. Took Cocoa into PetSmart for his grooming. the Grooming Salon’s phone was ringing off the hook. I learned that the weekend before a holiday grooming salons are BUSY , so be sure to get reservations to get your pet groomed. I don’t know why this took me so long to figure out.  Tasha at PetsMart did a really good job with him.

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